Who we are

Ka’edi Africa is an online art organisation centred on African books, food, places, people and photography. The organisation seeks to rewrite the hitherto widespread unpleasant African narrative through these five essential facets of human life. Ka’edi Africa aims to showcase Africa by telling African stories properly and truthfully to the global community.

Chief amongst the objectives of the organisation are information, education, inspiration and entertainment of citizens of the world from Lagos to London, from Nairobi to New Delhi, from Cairo to Caracas, from Canberra to Ottawa, from Moscow to Washington, via Afrocentric content.

Ka’edi Africa adopts a simple philosophy which is the telling of African stories based on a deep understanding of the stories and their origins. Long term ambitions of the organisation include offering paid advert and book giveaways as well as organising events such as art exhibitions, photo contests and art festivals.

The organisation launched officially into full operation on July 01, 2020.

Our vision

To be a globally-renowned digital organisation specialising in the promotion of Africa.

Our mission

To positively rewrite African narratives all over the world by facilitating the proper telling of our stories through the promotion of relevant African books, arts, foods, places and photography.

Our slogan

promoting African narratives.

Our core values

Our core values are Authenticity, Excellence, Integrity, Curiosity and People.

Authenticity: We are committed to providing only authentic content―content with undisputed credibility. We value the trust our audience repose in us to be reliable at all times.

Excellence: We hold ourselves to extremely high standards as we go the extra mile to deliver beyond the traditional scope of our endeavours.

Integrity: We are integrated; we match our actions with our words at all times. We deliver what we promise and even beyond, every time all the time.

Curiosity: We are constantly seeking new, fresh and original African stories and experiences to showcase to our followers and the world at large.

People: We value people above all other things as we exist to serve―inform, educate, educate, promote and inspire―people.

What differentiates us

We provide a unique combination of content that cuts across some of, if not, the most essential aspects of the African narrative.

Our goals

Amongst others, the major goals of Ka’edi Africa include:

  • To inform and entertain lovers of books, arts, foods, places and photography all over the world with relevant respective African content.
  • To educate food lovers on a variety of African meals and food customs.
  • To provide a picturesque guide and information for travellers and places-curious people about African destinations they would like to visit.
  • To encourage and support aspiring and established professional African photographers, chefs, writers and artists by promoting their works to a global audience.