Authenticity + People.

We provide a unique combination of content that cuts across the most essential aspects of the African narrative.

Who We Are

Ka’edi Africa is an online art organisation centred on African books, foods, places, people and photography. We seek to rewrite the hitherto widespread unpleasant African narrative through these five essential facets of human life. Ka’edi Africa seeks to showcase Africa by telling African stories properly and truthfully to the global community.

Our mission is to positively rewrite African narratives and properly tell our stories by promoting relevant African books, arts, foods, places and photography.

Our Projects

As an organisation, we seek to rewrite the hitherto widespread unpleasant African narrative through these five facets of human life.


We offer the reviewing of African books and giving away of same in order to promote African stories, experiences, and authors. Ka’edi Africa also undertakes other book-related activities such as book launch, book signing, book reading sessions with authors, etc.


We promote foods and drinks from across the length and breadth of the African continent to showcase the essence, uniqueness, quality, diversity, and richness of African cuisine. Ka’edi Africa seeks to create enlightenment on African food customs and their significance.

Art Village

We promote all forms of African art―from paintings to dance, from pottery to sculpting, from animations to music, together with indigenous handicrafts. Art exhibits the heart and soul of a people, and Ka’edi Africa showcases African art to unveil Africa’s very core.


Africa can match, if not arguably surpass, just about any continent in the world in terms of unique landscapes and places that make for excellent tourist attractions. Ka’edi Africa aims to reinforce this truth by promoting beautiful, significant, remarkable destinations in Africa.


Unique and encompassing, pictures capture the essence of a people. They offer a window into all that has to do with a people―their history, present, and future. Ka’edi Africa showcases Africa to the world through pictures that bare the very soul of Africa, images representative of the gallant African people.

Projects and Updates

A Lesson on Womanhood in ‘Perfect Imperfections’

A Lesson on Womanhood in ‘Perfect Imperfections’

There is just something gripping about the narratives of women navigating their way through life and Makanaka Mavengere-Munsaka’s debut novel is no exception. ‘Perfect Imperfections’ is like a cross between the Real Housewives franchise and Desperate Housewives all...

Nyong’o delivers shining brilliance in her book, “Sulwe”

Nyong’o delivers shining brilliance in her book, “Sulwe”

She can act, she can sing, she is intelligent, she is gorgeous and she is an author. There is nothing Lupita Nyong’o cannot do! Her sudden shot to stardom was something we never anticipated but is also something we never knew we needed. Now the Mexican-born Kenyan...

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